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Charter Objective CO2

Objectif CO2 To meet the challenge of climate change risk, we engage in several actions with the goal of reducing both polluting than CO2 emissions. The charter is part of a comprehensive approach to the fight against climate change and more precisely to reduce CO2 emissions, in partnership with the Ministry of Ecology and ADEME.

Zéro paper

Zero papier The purpose of this program is to move to a management "zero paper". This quality is to dematerialize our exchanges and remove any paper document when it is possible to d \ optimize the process of collecting, processing, archiving and dissemination. Thus, we are responsible towards our environment and preserving it.


Eco driving This internal training to our drivers is to improve their safety and that of other road users and reduce our CO2 emissions.
This training allows a change of driving behavior adapted from our drivers.
In addition, this training helps reduce noise of our trucks with a better driving.